Sample Sessions

La Luminista 027 – Conversation with the Andromedans

I was approached by a group of Andromedans who were eager to communicate. My client, who is a pure channel, facilitated the exchange. The Andromedans asked me about ways to accelerate karmic resolution and awakening within younger souls. In fact, they wanted more than my advice.

La Luminista 021 – Family Life on 5D Earth

The client witnesses her new life with her family on 5D Earth. The colours are more vivid; life less stressful. There will be significant changes in her job as she transitions from being a nurse in 3D to one in 5D. Health care will be less mechanical and more holistic […]

La Luminista 020 – Creation

In this session, we learn of the beginning of creation of all things that exist, what we may call The Big Bang. The client is one of a collective of nine know as The Guardians. These are the guardians of the universe in which Earth resides. We humans think of […]