Sample Sessions

La Luminista 019 – The Creation of Earth

The Creator wishes to create a planet with abundance, colour, and aliveness. He is very excited about this one. This one goes beyond so many of the other creations. It is as if the Creator itself is living within the planet. And with this planet there is to be a […]

La Luminista 018 – Earth will become a Star

It is time for Earth to become a star. The Creator wanted this planet to be so beautiful; to be special, and has seen how it has plummeted. How others have abused it, and not respected the Creator’s wishes. The Creator wants to return this planet back to and beyond […]

La Luminista 016 – Message from the Divine Father

The Divine Father reaches out to those that don’t love themselves, and he sends them even more love because they deserve it. It is time to take off the veil of forgetfulness. It is time to step into the light. He is going to make it impossible for the veil […]