Session Videos

Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions offer a wealth of information, guidance, and wisdom, that originates from my clients’ higher self. I am grateful to my clients who have generously offered to share these priceless nuggets of knowledge to assist humanity during our shift to the 5th Dimension. I respect their privacy, and only pass on that which they have agreed to share.

These videos are divided into two categories:

  • Session Insights which give an overview of the most pertinent or enlightening information to come out of a QHHT session and that will benefit humanity.
  • Sample Sessions are actual videos of clients during a QHHT session. Their purpose is to share information and to give people an idea of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis experience.

 I book only one QHHT session per day. I devote all of my time and attention to my client in each session to allow as much time as it takes to receive the needed guidance and healing.